Mito Special + regeneration & repair enhancing serum

Mito Special + regeneration & repair enhancing serum


Energising Concentrate

Mito Special Plus boosts the regenerating process of damaged and aged skins. It enhances epidermis regeneration by increasing cellular energy and activity. The key benefits are: stimulate epidermal keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts. Induce regeneration and repair of skin tissues. Stimulation of collagen synthesis, protecting and repairing epidermis. The increase of the mitochondrial metabolism (+142% in vitro) and skin oxygen consumption.
It also boosts the cellular growth of fibroblasts, reduces the effects of ageing skin and revives lifeless, tired skin.

Mito Special + is for all ages that are free of irritation, inflammation or dermatitis. It is recommended for ageing skins, old scars and acne scars.