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​Permanent hair removal & red vein removal: Service


The Salon of Beauty has specialised in electrolysis for over 35 years

5 minutes   $27.00                  
10 minutes $50.00                    
15 minutes $67.00               
20 minutes $84.00               
30 minutes $115.00                  
Per min thereafter $3.00

Red vein & skin tag removal $65.00 - $120.00

Permanent Eyebrows


Cosmetic Tattoo 

Your lips will look perfect because we draw the shape to suit your face. We are able to make your lips look fuller and more defined in shape and colour. They will be outlined or filled in depending on your requirements and the colour you choose. This means they will look as natural or as cosmetic as you like.

It will last 2 to 5 years depending on the amount of colour used. Most clients will experience some degree of puffiness after treatment, disappearing within 36 hours. All technicians have undergone vigorous training methods.

Full Lip                $760.00

Lip Line               $490.00

Eyeliner upper    $440.00

Eyeliner lower    $440.00

Eyebrows            $495.00 

Tired of having to perfect your makeup every  morning_  Permanent Makeup!!_Fully Certified Cosmetic
Cosmetic Tattoo

Women's waxing


Eyebrow                                            $25.00

Upper lip                                           $15.00

Eyebrow & upper lip                        $35.00

Chin                                                   $13.00

Jaw                                                    $18.00

Sides of face                                     $15.00

Full face excluding brow                 $45.00

Full face including brow                  $55.00

Half arm                                            $30.00

¾ arm                                                $32.00

Full arm                                             $40.00

Underarm                                          $21.00

Lower half leg                                   $32.00

Thigh                                                 $35.00

Full leg                                              $52.00

Back                                                   $27.00

Buttocks                                            $27.00

Basic bikini                                        $30.00

Extended bikini                                $38.00

G-string bikini                                   $45.00

Brazilian                                             $55.00

Men's waxing

Neck                                                 $25.00

Eyebrow                                           $25.00
Full Arm                                           $50.00
Full Leg                                            $66.00

Chest & Stomach, part arm            $75.00
Back & Shoulders, part arm            $75.00
Back, Chest, Part Arm                   $130.00


Basic Manicure                                $45.00
Deluxe Manicure                             $75.00

Spa Deluxe Pedicure                      $75.00

Deluxe Package                              $140.00

Add on:​
Shellac Colour       $5.00
Soak Off                 $5.00-$15.00          
Paraffin                   $20.00
Callous Peel           $15.00

Deluxe Package involves all nail work including cuticles, dry skin removal from the bottoms of the feet, a salt scrub massage for hands and feet, followed by a relaxing hand and foot massage, finishing with a hot towel and paint application

Manicare & Pedicare

TINT          LASHES         SPRAY TAN

Eyelash Tint                               $26.00
Eyebrow Tint                             $21.00     
Eyebrow Bleach                        $21.00 
Eyebrow Bleach & Tint             $35.00

Lash Lift                                      $95.00
with Tint                                     $109.00


                MINE TAN


Full body spray tan                 $48.00

Half body spray tan                $30.00

All our tans are express 1hr tans, which means you can shower after as little as a hour.

Specialising in bridal spray tans, that will not transfer onto your amazing dress we recommend having the spray tan two days before the wedding.

Body Treatments & Infrared sauna

Body Treatments


30mins Swedish massage                     $70.00

60mins Swedish massage                     $115.00

90mins Swedish massage                     $170.00

Pregnancy massage                              $140.00

*Double room available & subject to availability.

Body Treatment Packages

Relax & Unwind                                          2hr30mins $250.00
One hour Swedish full body massage followed by the Salon of Beauty signature facial treatment.

Energise                                                      2hr15mins $260.00
Body polish followed by your choice of body wrap, finishing with  a one hour Swedish body massage.

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