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THIRD WAVE Microbiome Enhancing Face & Body Wash

World Leaders In Skin Microbiome Biodiversity

100% Natural & No artificial Preservatives

Green Leaves

All Ingredients directly from nature

NO Additives 

NO Foam Boosters (eg. SLS, SLES)  

NO Soaps or Detergents 

 NO artificial Perfumes 

NO artificial Colourings

NO Alcohol

ALL of our ingredients are taken directly from nature using normal mechanical extraction or natural solvents.

Green Leaf

NO artificial Preservatives

JooMo® products have NO harsh, potentially dangerous artificial Preservatives (eg. parabens, sorbates, benzoates etc). No artificial Preservatives:

no parabens
no sorbates
no benzoates
no formaldahyde
no isothiazolinones (eg.MI)

                Microbes are vital for skin health!

You are only 40% human – the rest of you, the 60%, is microbes. The human microbiome (or human microbiota) is the collection of microorganisms which live on us. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is host to probably the most diverse range of microbes in the human body. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal!

The bacteria that inhabit the skin are not uniformly distributed across the body, but even the deepest layers of dead tissue and the living tissue below the epidermis harbour a microbial community. There are thought to be 100 trillion microbes living on the human body inhabiting the microbiome.

Scary? Not at all! These microbes are vital for your skin health. 

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