We are firmly convinced that we are more self-confident and happier when we feel beautiful and comfortable in our skin. That is why our philosophy is a noticeable and visible "MORE" thanks to our most effective active formulas, highly professional advice and personalized treatment systems. This conviction has made us the No. 1 professional cosmetic company in Europe.

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        The unique bi-phase cleansing method.

An effective cleansing ritual using products from the BABOR Cleansing line is the key to beautiful skin. Deep-action, bi-phase cleansing with HY-ÖL and the appropriate PHYTOACTIVE to suit the individual skin type forms the basis of BABOR facial cleansing. The Cleansing line also includes many other cleansing products, which have all been designed to cleanse very thoroughly and intensively, while maintaining the skin’s natural protective acid mantle.


Nature in the highest concentration for instant results you can see and feel.

The combination of sterile packaging and single-use ampoules also provides the purest form of skincare. BABOR was the first skincare company to develop ampoules as an attractive and practical packaging material for specific concentrates. Expertise, specialization and constant refinement have made BABOR the market leader in this segment. This head start naturally gives us a great advantage. As true power packages, the fluids offer immediate visible effects, are extremely well tolerated and comprise a range of high-dose active ingredients to suit every skin type and skin condition.The BABOR AMPOULE CONCENTRATES impress with their noticeable, visible effect.


  Skinovage – The skincare system for every skin type

BABOR’s age-preventing skincare system SKINOVAGE is based on highly effective formulations and provides solutions for the daily care of the specific skin type (which is genetically determined) and the skin condition (which is environmentally induced). The NEW main active ingredient found in every SKINOVAGE product, EpigenTech Power Peptide,is based on insights gained from epigenetics research. This has revealed that our genes do not determine everything. Only about 30 percent of the aging process is genetically predetermined. The remaining 70 percent can be influenced – by our lifestyle, our diet and, of course, by the right skincare. That is precisely where BABOR’s SKINOVAGE concept comes into its own, ensuring that the genetic information that is responsible for retaining the youthfulness of the skin can be utilised for longer. The skin cells stay youthful and active for longer – and strong cells beautify the skin.


MOISTURIZING – Age Prevention for Normal to Dry Skin

Dry skin lacks oil and moisture. This results in a dull, raw, flaky appearance and leaves the skin feeling less elastic. This lack of moisture can lead to dryness lines and wrinkles primarily occurring in the cheeks and under the eyes. SKINOVAGE MOISTURIZING with DEEP MOIST Extract provides skin with intensive, long-lasting moisture and valuable lipids. When lipids and moisture are in balance, the natural skin barrier is harmonized to prevent moisture loss. Additionally, Power Peptides provide skin aging prevention and help strengthen the cells. The skin is left looking fresh and soft.

VITALIZING – Age Prevention for First Signs of Aging

Daily stress, environmental influences such as UV radiation, blue light and pollution often make skin look tired and dull. The skin lacks the ability to fight against harmful environmental influences that prevent the natural rejuvenation process to run optimally. As a result, it lacks resistance against external stress factors and promotes premature skin aging. SKINOVAGE VITALIZING delivers powerful rejuvenation and renewal processes for the skin. The ENERGY Plus Complex makes complexion look fresher and more even. Blue Light Protect helps shield skin from blue light and the resulting digital aging. Power Peptides additionally ensure age prevention and help strengthen skin. The skin looks fresh, renewed, and has a vitalized radiance.