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Advanced Facial Treatments: Welcome

Carboderm Needless Carboxy

No Down Time. No Side Effects. It’s a pain free procedure for all skin types, especially those experiencing congestion and lack of blood flow.CO2 is provided to the skin cells which in turn stimulates the red blood cells to release oxygen. This activates the blood circulation, protein synthesis and the removal of waste stored in the tissue.

$175.00  or 5 for $750



Dermapen is a new skin rejuvenation therapy. Faster, less painful and more effective than the Dermaroller, and as effective as skin rejuvenation treatments like fraxel and CO2 laser therapy.
The new Derma Pen prompts the natural release of the skin’s collagen and elastin for amazing anti-aging benefits, removal of old scarring and stretch marks all without surgery.
personalized for your unique needs, feel free to reach out today.

$335 or 3 for $930



By gently lifting the skins surface the device ‘sweeps away’ the dead skin layer, resulting in a deep exfoliation and increased blood flow to promote healing and collagen renewal.

 DermaSweep Epi-infusion:
Treatment combines the dry sweep with the infusion of a specific topical treatment.
Acne treatment, Pigmentation, Vitamin C infusion, Collagen or a Tri-active peel

DermaSweep $95.00

Epi-infusion $195.00

Beautytek by medilab

Holistic, total wellbeing therapy.
State of the art technology with complete physiological algorithms; designed to rebalance the body. Various changes happen throughout the body whilst having the treatment.
Rebalancing the ion grid, enhancing blood flow, enhancing the metabolism, 
stimulating the lymphatics,  decomposing fatty tissue, treatment of acne,  scar tissue, dark circles and loss of elasticity.

Face treatment $180.00 Body treatment $190.00

Salon of Beauty Signature Treatment

$155.00 1hr15mins

Experience a completely customised European experience.
Inclusive of deep cleansing with extractions, to unclog the pores. Stimulating the blood flow using amino acids and peptides complete with a face and shoulder massage packed full of vitamins and minerals followed by a custom mask. Suitable for all skins.

Deep Cleanse (Extractions)

$135.00 1hr

$155.00 1hr30mins

For the treatment of acne, congestion, black heads and milia. Relieving pressure and inflammation in the skin will enhance the skin to function and heal optimally

Ultimate Purifying Treatment  (Recommended for initial deep cleanse).
Extended time allows for further extractions and the application of a customised mask with added amino acids, peptides and minerals to assist in the anti-inflammatory and healing of the skin

Gernetic Signature Treatment (France)

$195.00 1hr30mins

 Full homeopathic! Targeting the skins issues on a cellular level, using amino acids and peptides to strengthen the skins defences and enhance the natural function. Options for masks are: Seaweed for purifying and remineralising Vegetal for soothing and strengthening Gold mask for Remineralisation & Anti-age Whitening peel off mask for pigmentation.

Doctor Babor Collagen 

$195.00 1hr 30min

Collagen Boost! Using a active biomatrix mask and pure collagen concentrates to stimulate the natural collagen production. This treatment will leave your  skin ultra hydrated, plumped up, feeling firmer with a radiant glow. 

Beaute Pacifique Express Medi- Facial

$90.00 45mins

Fast and effective facial for a pick me up. leaving with thoroughly clean, rejuvenated, smooth and hydrated skin. Suitable for all skins- no extractions included.

Advanced Facial Treatments: Service
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