Les Parfaits Pack

Les Parfaits Pack


The Parfait range are the quintessential answer to slow the manifestations of ageing. The products in this range will address the health of all 3 layers of the skin: The Epidermis: our most important defensive and protective layer. The Dermis: with the fibroblast and superficial circulatory system. And the Hypodermis: with the muscle and fat tissue and blood vessels.


Included in this pack:


Parfait Serum Concentrate:

Anti-Ageing Repairing Serum

The Parfait Serum brings quintessential rejuvenation with its concentrate of active ingredients that are exceptionally regenerative, nutritive, hydrating, anti-inflammatory and anti-free radicals.
The Parfait Serum will promote genuine cellular repair, naturally rebuild the matrix in conjunctive tissues by improving fibroblast activity, stimulate the synthesis of collagen and the production of glycosaminoglycans.

The Parfait Serum will also enhance regeneration, nutrition, hydration and cellular stimulation. It is highly nutritive, remineralising and a strong anti-oxidant. It is an excellent moisturizer and tensor.

Parfait Serum will suit all skins with any signs of ageing.



Parfait Day Cream:

Rejuvenating Day Cream

The Parfait Day Cream is a powerful, protective, detoxifying and repairing cream. It procures a genuine biological lifting effect, a source of moisture and cellular repair factors. It attenuates lines by reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum and by retaining moisture. It enhances skin defence mechanisms with its anti free radicals, calming and regenerating action.

The Parfait Day cream will slow down and reverses the ageing process caused by UVA and UVB damage, boost cellular renewal of epidermis cells and reinforces cutaneous vitality. It has an enzymatic elimination action of intra-cellular oxygen peroxide.

The Parfait Day Creamwill suit all skins with any signs of ageing.



Parfait Time Defying Night Cream:

Anti-Ageing Nutritive Night Cream

The Parfait Time Defying Night Cream is a powerful cocktail of nutrients that combat the manifestations of ageing at a cellular level. It provides essential nutrition to support the cellular protectors to fight the ageing process, to naturally rebuild the matrix in conjunctive tissue, to Increases skin’s elasticity and to enhances cells energy.

The Parfait Time Defying will also reinforce cutaneous vitality, soothing and desensitizing, reinforce cutaneous vitality and is remineralising and nutritive. It is also a strong Anti-oxidant.

Parfait Night Cream will suit all skins with any signs of ageing.