DIY Anti Age Kit

DIY Anti Age Kit

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Glyco 50ml

Fibro 50ml

Myo Myoso 15ml

Symbiose 10ml

Immuno 30ml


Mini Facial Instructions as shown in the demo video.

Step 1. First remove any eye make-up or lipstick with fibro lotion on cotton pads

Step 2. Massage Glyco cleansing milk over the entire face to deep cleanse, rinse off with a warm damp face wipe or towel

Step 3. Finish cleansing by spraying a little fibro

Step 4. Apply Myo Myoso cream/ Myo Myoso promotes firmness on the jaw line, neck & eye area ( leave on ).

Step 5. Apply an even layer of immuno mask over the face, leave on for 10 mins/ Immuno supports healthy cell turnover,  after 10 minutes emulsify the mask by wetting your fingers and massage over the face and remove with a warm wet face washer.

Step 6. Finish with symbiose all over the face and around the eyes to boost collagen renewal