Infrared Sauna
Infrared heat is an invisible wavelength which has the ability to penetrate the human tissue both gently and enjoyably with a host of many health benefits: Detoxification, lowered blood pressure, relaxation, improved circulation and oxygenation, weight loss, pain relief, cell health and increased immunity and anti-age.     

30 mins $38.00 bring a friend for $10.00
40 mins $48.00 bring a friend for $15.00

Detox & Relax                                             1hr45mins $130.00
30 mins infrared sauna session, followed by a one hour Swedish full body massage. 

Relax & Unwind                                          2hr30mins $240.00
One hour Swedish full body massage followed by the Salon of Beauty signature facial treatment.

Energise                                                      2hr15mins $250.00
Body polish followed by your choice of body wrap, finishing with  a one hour Swedish body massage.

*Add 30min infrared sauna to package $25.00 


30mins Swedish massage                      $65.00

60mins Swedish massage                      $105.00

90mins Swedish massage                      $155.00

Hot stone massage                                 $155.00


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